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Budget Accommodation

Budget Rwanda Safari Accommodation In Nyungwe National Park

1. Kitabi Eco-center (KEC)

Kitabi Eco-Center is situated about 2 kilometers from the eastern entrance to Nyungwe National Park.

It is perched on Mount Kitabi and offers panoramic views in all of Rwanda.  The eco-center combines camping, a restaurant, gardens, and Ecotourism activities with an ecologically-friendly mindset.

Accommodation At Kitabi Eco-Center Comprises;

  • There are some 2 person and 4 person tents for rent, but not an endless supply.
  • If you have your own tents and camping equipment, please bring along.
King’s Palace
  • This house is a replica a King’s Palace that features a Queen bed with warm furnishings.
  • You will also receive a personalized tour on the history of the King’s Palace and other local traditions from our manager or local guides; your own fire at night inside the palace; and breakfast the next morning in the comfort of the palace grounds (optional).
  • They can also add mattresses for larger groups.
  • This is perfect for a family of 3 or more with young children who want to stay together.
Prince’s Palace
  • This house features a comfortable Double Bed inside.
  • Each can accommodate 2 persons.
  • They can arrange for a small clay oven fire to keep you extra warm.

Kitabi Eco-center Services And Facilities Include;


The center has chefs with many years of experience and offers simple breakfast, with toast, jam, honey, fruit, coffee or tea; special breakfast with toast, jam, fruit, omelet (vegetarian or Spanish), coffee or tea.


Lunch is served anytime between 11: 30 – 1: 30. It will include a soup or salad starter, a main course, a dessert, and a drink of your choice (beer OK, no wine or alcoholic beverage.)


All guests are asked to come to the restaurant around 7 pm, and will be served a drink to start (beer OK, wine and alcoholic drinks not included in price.)

Dinner will start around 7:30, and will include an appetizer, a main course, and dessert.  Fridays is the exception: It is pizza night!


Fanta, Coca-cola, Krest tonic, Mutzig (petit), Mutzig (Grand), Knowles, Primus (Grand), Turbo (petit), Turbo (Grand), Drostdy-Hof wine (dark red, chardonnay) and South African wine.