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Monkeys in Nyungwe Forest

Blue Monkeys In Nyungwe National Park

Despite its name, the blue monkey (Cercopithecus mitis) is not noticeably blue. The real colors of a blue monkey are light grey and an olive fur that together gives off this kind of blue hue as they are in the tree-tops.

The Blue Monkeys live in the treetops that make up the forest canopy in Nyungwe Forest, meaning that you have to look up to spot them while on the trails in Nyungwe Forest.  They rarely come down to the forest floor but find food and shelter in the tree-tops.

They live in female-centric groups of 10 to 40, with only one male. All the females raise each other, infants.

L’Hoest’s Monkeys In Nyungwe National Park

The L’Hoest’s Monkey (Allochrocebus lhoesti), at times referred to as Mountain Monkeys, is a handsome Albertine Rift Endemic, which is not easy to see as it mainly move on the ground and prefer to live in the dense forested part of Nyungwe National Park.

The face of the L’Hoest’s monkey is black. It also features a backward-projecting white whisker that partially covers its ears and it is the only guenon which habitually carries its tail in an upright position.

Dent’s Mona Monkeys In Nyungwe National Park

Dent’s Mona Monkeys have a long black tail, a white rump, and a brown back. Their faces are quite furry, and when they find food, they carry it off with their large cheek pouches. They prefer fruit but, at times, will resort to leaves and even insects.

The Dent’s Mona Group is relatively small, with one male surrounded by his harem, however once again, as with other monkeys; it is females who rule the group.

Karamba area is the best place of Nyungwe for Dent’s Mona monkeys.

Owl-faced Monkeys In Nyungwe National Park

Owl Faced Monkey is unique in that it has a beak-like nose, and the face resembles an owl.  This shy monkey is rarely seen, but you just might be the lucky one as you hike along the many trails of Nyungwe Forest.

The Owl Faced is closely related to the L’Hoest’s Monkey, and like it, Owl Faced Monkey lives in small groups of one male and various female.  Because Owl Faced Monkeys are so elusive, they have been hard to study

The Owl-Faced Monkey  gray and has a white stripe that goes from the top of the lip to the top

Vervet Monkeys In Nyungwe National Park

This is grey Guenon that is very common all East Africa, including in Rwanda in Nyungwe Forest. They can be found around the Gisakura Guesthouse.

Vervet monkeys have light grey coat, black face, and adult males are distinguished by their blue genitals. It is the only guenon you are likely to see outside the forest and it is thought to be the most numerous monkey species in the world.

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